A wedding reception is an auspicious moment for the newly married, a time of celebration which is remembered lifelong, a moment to be cherished for eternity. On this special occasion, the father of the groom speech makes a vivid impression on the newly established relationship. It’s a speech marking the warm welcome of a new member to the family. Well, it should be well prepared and rehearsed from beforehand. It must be carefully planned as each line adds to the integrity of the relationship.

Illustrated below are the tips to boost the richness of the father groom speech.

  • The first speech is usually the father of the bride speech, as in accordance with tradition. So the father of the groom speech follows next. As the father of the groom, your importance is marked highly since the bride is going to be a new member of the family. Your warm welcoming attitude should be vibrant enough through your speech. Firstly, introduce yourself to the audience. They must know that you are the father of the groom. Extend your heartiest compliments for the newly married. Make your daughter in law feel no less than your own daughter. Also express your exuberating happiness for her family for joining the celebration.
  • You must state a few incidents from your son’s childhood, illustrating how proud you feel of your son. Tell everyone how lucky you are to have him as your child and the moments from his life, which has given you evidences that he is going to make a brilliant husband. Define his sense of responsibility, courage and decisive mind to project him as a rightful person and a loving husband.
  • Don’t forget to mention how lucky your son is to have the bride in his life. How beautiful his life will blossom by her presence! Make them realize that the love of both is essentially required to lead a happy and a successful life. Shower your blessings on the newly wed. You must make your son realize that his choice of her is remarkable and how happy and cherished you are with his decision.
  • You must balance the exactness of emotion and humor. Humor is an essential element of the father of the groom speech. But at the same time, humor must also be your tool. You can give examples to enhance the mirth. It is important to bring a smile on everyone’s face. You can give humorous incidents from your son’s childhood, enumerating his childish innocence and then telling how he has evolved over the years and become more responsible. But you must remember not to embarrass the groom on this special day. On a serious note, you should not make the atmosphere very emotional, as it is important to feel light on this day.
  • You must plan out all you have to say with pen and paper and rehearse it, increasing your confidence level. You should not stammer while giving the speech. You must speak audibly clear, maintaining the originality of the speech.  You must make it sound natural, pausing in between to let the words seep into their lively hearts. You must always speak in reference to the newlyweds and make them feel close to your heart.
  • Definitely mention in your speech that your support shall always be backing up the newlyweds. Make them realize that they are now a prime concern for the family. Their happiness, wellbeing, togetherness shall be looked upon always by you and shall also be well taken care of. You shall stand by in their difficult times and merry in their good times. Your love abounds for them.
  • Give them advice on life from your experiences. Let them know how life can hit success always, by supporting each other in times of vitality. Also, thank the family of the bride for the beautiful angel they sent you as your new family member.
  • Your speech must be different from the father of the bride speech. It should be clearly demarcated as the father of the groom speech. Your tone, way of speech, words and pauses in between must be appropriate.
  • Finally end your speech with a toast to the newlyweds and ask everyone to join in.

Content in the wedding speech

As the day is very special for the newlyweds, you must keep in mind not to make your speech too long. Yet, it should have all the points mentioned. It should be appealing to the audience. The father of the groom speech should be packed with ambience and integrity. It’s a moment that the newlyweds shall forever cherish. Each and every advice you bestow on them shall be leading to a new phase of life. All your words should be carefully written and spoken. It should be fun to hear and not monotonic. You should keep in mind that the father of the groom speech should stand out in its presentation and excellence.

Since it is a very special day for your son, you must put in your best efforts to deal with it in the rightful mood. Do not use quotes and make it very formal. People usually find it boring and hard to hear it attentively. Rather, you can just make it simple. Nostalgia will help unless you make it too personal. Remember your etiquettes and that it is a life changing day for your son. He shall be living his life with his bride thence onwards, so you should pave his way of life with simplicity and happiness.

Your body language is also of prime importance. You should talk lively and audibly loud and clear. You should enjoy everything while speaking, since it’s an auspicious moment for your son and his bride. You should include a few jokes in between to make it amusing for the audience. At the end of the day, let everyone say, “Oh how wonderful the father of the groom speech was! Truly marvellous and intellectual”!  Your body language should clearly suggest your happiness for the newlyweds, your warm wishes and compliments, your acceptance of the bride as a new member to the family.

It’s the Father of the Groom Speech that must blow the people off their minds. It’s the one that must mesmerize everyone sitting on the chair. It is the speech that must leave the newlywed speechless. Carefully plan and write your speech and let everyone be awestruck on that special day!