There are times when you need a break from the arrangements, from the running and generally from all aspects of the wedding. As you are the father of the groom, you are very much involved: sometimes even more than you’d ever imagined. So, when you get five or ten minutes of pause, you can consider how to put the father of the groom speech into the right structure? Download Groom’s Father Speech Templates

Well, let’s face what reality truly is. The structure of any given wedding speech, simply as a structure, can never be complicated. After all, we’re talking about speeches that last merely three to four minutes, sometimes reaching a maximum of ten minutes. So, facing this, you quickly realize that the problem is not an “unknown” structure, but it’s rather about what you could write and eventually say for each part of the speech? When you need the best ideas – those are the times when you suddenly remember there is dust on the TV that you forgot to buy cereals that your wife asked you to take the garbage out and so on. In other words, it’s many times a surprising brain outage, when you can think about anything (yes, including the horrific math formulas you once needed to remember), but not about writing for your son’s wedding.

This is exactly why this article is the right guidance for you! You don’t need to think about it, you don’t need to struggle anymore – sit back, relax, and treat yourself by reading through!

What should you say to start the groom’s father speech?

While introductions seem a pain, they’re just about that simple. Most speakers reference weather, circumstances, the decorations, the dresses, the flowers or just about anything else, generally simple details. Then they also mention how they appreciate everybody’s presence. View 25 Father of the Groom Speech Examples

As you can see, that’s mostly it, if you want to be done with the introduction for your speech. Can you add to it, or present it differently? Obviously, yes, but the exact way of doing that will be left to your own imagination. Hint: don’t make it long, and make it just an introduction, not sharing thoughts that are in the core of the father of groom speech.

Oh, yes, and one final thought here: you need to make sure you’ve mentioned who you are. It’s not like saying your name “hey folks, I am Robert”. No, that’s not it! You need to tell people that you are the groom’s father – that’s the main point they need to know about you in the beginning.

Fantastic – you can now speak about your son!

This is indeed fantastic and for the pride of every man who enjoys the feeling of being a father on this planet (yes, I am also wondering how E.T.’s father would feel about this, but couldn’t figure it out yet). Anyway, you can now enjoy something you’ve been waiting for, which is talking about your son, his achievements and how proud you feel as a father to such a great young man!

Still, beware of something that seems to be a common mistake, even if it should be obvious to be on a “no-no” list. For the father of the groom speech, you should never even think about presenting your son’s studies and achievements as if it was for a job interview. The wedding ceremony is not for him to be hired, it’s for him to enjoy every moment with the bride. In consequence, you need to be brief about the studies your son has (or even skip talking about such things).

You need to create a timeline of your son’s life. It’s like talking about the major events from his life, from childhood to now. So, some of the things you can mention are:

  • What he did when he was 4-5 years old? Did he play in the neighborhood? Did he possess any special skills that were uncommon for his age? Was he so beautiful that parents of other kids kept telling you something like “your son is gorgeous” or “your son is so cute”? Any small detail that is not embarrassing for your son can be mentioned!
  • First years in school – what was the next special thing to happen? Did he learn things quickly, or was he a sports’ guy instead of learning theories?
  • Changes your son went through when going to high school. We all know that high school years are life-changing and are full of extreme events: some extremely unpleasant, others extremely memorable in a good sense. So, maybe he had some special talents he developed during those years. Maybe there was a science class where he performed greatly. Maybe the athletes were his companion. No matter what it was, I am sure it’s worth mentioning!
  • How he met the bride. Now, everybody wants to know as much as possible about this. How did that day come along? Was it planned, or was it by “accident”? Did they meet through friends or did the Internet bring them together? Whatever it was for them, you need to mention such things, because the guests want to know. You also need to make sure that whatever you say, honors the bride and her family too.
  • What difficulties did they encounter as a couple? Before reaching marriage, every single couple had hard times, moments when everything apparently said “there’s no solution to this one”. Those are the critical moments that shaped characters, changed destinies and brought surprisingly perfect solutions to bring the people’s hearts even closer to each other. If you can just tell the guests about how they managed to get through the rough times, what kept them together and how you could see the process on your son’s daily schedule and life, they will pay attention. Every guest, whether it’s family, workmates or friends – they all came to hear The Story. And, as we all know, who else would The Story be about if not the couple? So, dare to step out and present the details that are to be presented!
  • How did they decide to get married? You can first focus on speaking about the proposal. Some men work weeks or months to invent and organize some of the most creative proposals ever made. Even if your son didn’t do that, the proposal itself and how it was organized should be mentioned and presented to everyone. There is certainly some romance, emotions and shocking reactions involved. You should also work on the presentation – what would your voice sound like when you speak about their proposal? How would your hand gestures express the intense feelings that need to be presented? How would your eyes aid the representation of a true love story? Such details are almost like playing in a short movie, and you can work them out in advance, while you are preparing the speech! The better you present such parts the more impact they have. Then, after the proposal, a new story began in the couple’s life: the organizing of getting married. In some cases, before that, there was also a waiting time in which they didn’t fix some wedding date or location. In other cases, it was all fixed right after the proposal happened. What is this couple’s case? How did your son and your daughter-in-law handle this issue? Talk about the details so that people will know.

These are some of the main things that are generally mentioned. You also need to understand that if you speak about both of them as a couple, and not focus on your son only, then your speech won’t need to have the next part below. If that is not the case, and you want to focus on your son and how he went through the process, then the next part will also appear, and yes, it is mandatory.

You also need to make sure that you present all ideas clearly and overall not exceed two minutes of speaking about your son. The real challenge is respecting the time of the speech. You see, when you start writing down ideas about the groom, it always seems like ideas keep flowing, like a never ending story. So then, you need to ditch some of the ideas you had, in order to keep it as short as two minutes. How will you know the duration of this part? The only standard and working way of knowing is by measuring time with your smartphone or device of your choice. For that, you need to read the words loudly, but at the speed of speaking calmly, as if it was the actual speech already. So then you know how long it takes and how much you need to reduce in order to finish in time.

If you plan on including some jokes about your son, beware of not offending him. There are many cases when a seemingly “innocent joke” just ruined the atmosphere of a great wedding. Why expose yourself to such risks and why let your son be angry or embarrassed? If you want jokes, make them in the way your son likes them to be, but also not offensive for the guests. You need to be balanced, not too many jokes, but a few won’t hurt either! Also, besides having the jokes, you need a voice which stirs the hearts and the ears of the people. If they feel engaged, then your speech is successful, but if not, it’s all a lot harder for everyone.

Mirror, mirror on the wall …

Who’s the best bride of y’all? So, you need to start speaking about the bride but in a special way. The first line you need to settle with yourself is to make sure it doesn’t sound as flirting. While you need to respect and love the woman who is the love of your son’s life, it’s not good to be too intimate with her. So, make sure that people can’t interpret your simple words as a fake love affair! It’s very important, because many people would judge you just by what they assume, see and believe to be true, not by what is actually true.

You need to know at least the basic things about the bride. After all, this part is just like the part about your son. It’s very important that both family members and guests of all types realize that for you, as the father of the groom, both your son and the bride are equally important. If you try to emphasize how much more important your son is, then the bride’s family and the bride too will remember your attitude and they will keep the distance from you and your wife too. Also, in such cases, the guests would form a really bad impression as well. Why let foolish things take over? Be in control of every details and pay attention!

It’s also very important that you somehow express that the bride is part of your family. This is called acceptance, but made in an obvious way. If you would say “she knows” or “I told her months ago”, I believe you, but it’s not enough for the father of the groom speech! The bride’s parents and many other people will pay attention and test you in order to find out whether you will mention this aspect or not.

Then, you also need to specify that thanks to her, the bride, your son is now a better man. You need to express how proud you feel as a parent to witness such true love in 2015. It’s something emotional, and people will love to hear that! However, don’t fake such expressions: people know your personality, so aren’t going to fool anyone.

Before the closing section

Then, there are some moments of reflection, when you either read a poem, verses of a love song or tell something you feel appropriate. Generally, it’s all about love and marriage, giving valuable tips for the newlyweds. You don’t necessarily need to quote someone – just say your words and you’ll be fine!

The perfect ending – toast proposal

For a perfect father of the groom speech, you need a perfect toast proposal. I have seen dozens, maybe even hundreds of books, all talking about successful wedding speeches and toast proposal examples and templates. Well, in my opinion, you don’t need any of these books (maybe just one if you are really interested), you only need to be creative. How do you think the first amazing toast proposal was written? Someone was honest, open-minded and he wrote it down, out of his own mind. It’s all that simple. So, to propose a toast, just speak your words in a couple of sentences and raise the champagne-filled glass for the young lovers!