Every speech should start early to be written and well-adapted to the event itself. In many cases at the end of it, especially if it is a wedding speech, you’ll be required to add a personal touch. The toast ends your speech and it is more likely to be memorized by many guests who are present at your son’s wedding. So keep in mind that the beginning and the end will always make the difference and they will be your promoting lines. Download 25 Speech Examples

father of groom

As a father except the whole wedding preparation you’ll be required as mentioned earlier to make a fashioned old or new speech, this depending on your perspective. You can give your speech a classic note or you can add some flavor of new. Still you’ll have to keep in mind the groom’s and bride’s decision of wedding and combined with your charming personality, I’m pretty sure that all will work out just fine.

Remember that those things said from the heart make the difference for the best because they come in a natural way than those where you are forced to be someone else. The whole idea of the speech should start with a positive attitude from your side. You might not be the most brilliant writer on the planet Earth but with some will and some originality you can make the masterpiece of your time. Just have fun while doing so, and remember at the end of the day, you’ll be the one making jokes about it. Here you will find MORE Father of the Groom Speech Examples

The father of the groom speech is the one speech that usually follows after the father of the bride speech, which will open the line of having to speak in front of the audience. As an exception, the mother of the bride speech can be before your turn, but this is an option and doesn’t always happen like this at weddings.

Always be prepared

There are many people who make the mistake of finding it right to speak without any preparation at all. But they forget one thing unfortunately: every parent can be overwhelmed especially at his son’s wedding. The flow of huge emotions, the stare that many times you’ll have to deal with from people that could possibly seem like judges for you will make you feel uncomfortable and you’ll forget your words.

Take a few weeks off from all the fuss that is going on with the wedding and let yourself be carried in the memory line of your relationship with your son. Not only the event matters, but also your attitude towards everything that relates to it will make a difference (including the speech). As a speaker sometimes you’ll have to face some unexpected circumstances that will assume some quick adjustments. Being always prepared will help you focus on what is important and not to skip a single detail in regards to the writing and delivering of your speech.

To prepare a good speech will not require from your side to know the speech word by word. but the fact that you have a good structure to help you expand your ideas, such as some good keywords, will be of real help. Obviously, a remarkable speech will assume to keep your guests interested and to make them feel great about the effort that they’ve put. You’ll be able to do this only if your speech will be short and will not exceed more than 5 or 7 minutes because people have come to a wedding where you party and celebrate a unique moment.

It is not a conference where people have gathered for a reunion in which everybody is meant to speak. Your lines should as well denote originality and greatness, simple and well-structured words make the difference.

Speak with honesty and from your heart

Not everyone can relate well to certain things or even describe what is inside of them, to express feelings and emotions is not an easy thing to do for everyone, but it is a fear that in some cases it must be overwhelmed to get to another level. Keep in mind that you are not the first or the last person who had difficulties to write and deliver a speech. It is one of the ways where you have to leave it all behind, and not be nervous about a thing since you are surrounded by family and friends who appreciate you and support you.

Instead if you are an opened person you’ll find this whole speech idea like a great opportunity to show much you appreciate and how much you love your son. Express what you have inside by using your originality and authenticity! Avoid instead the common mistake of keeping every great fact for yourself. The problem with some of the people who have great ideas and thoughts is that they don’t even speak about what there is in their hearts.

Every person needs to know how loved he is, and with those three words that define a relation you can simply change your life in a positive manner. For the newlyweds it is a huge step ahead to hear you speak from an opened heart that is motivated by a deep love towards them. People like to relate with facts that are true and opened where they often find themselves or their relationships with their children.

You’ll find respect in an opened attitude and true feelings and your message will be a testimony that will define you as a father, as a person and as a family person. Being honest will define you also not as a person but as a speaker since it is one of the important traits of a speech.

Avoid the trap of your thoughts when you believe that the young people have more to learn about and they will not notice your mistakes. Because you might end up with some people telling you that you made a mistake, so be honest with yourself and be opened to any tips that might come from your family or friends about your speech.

Be a good observer

One of the main features of a good speaker is the trait of being an observer of the people who surround him, especially of the people’s reactions towards the wedding and the reception that comes afterwards. For example, you can see how people react to the other speeches that were held earlier, or if they really have the mood to listen to the line of speeches. You can even see at what stories or lines they laugh, but you also have some advantage if you know many of the guests, then you definitely know what they enjoy or what you should avoid to speak of.

There are always signs that will tell you about a person, how she reacts to what you are saying and the way you are behaving. Those signs can be noticed in the crowd if you follow their body language, their face expressions, their looks and other gestures that will show what they think. Even if they won’t speak and their words don’t express their moods, these can easily be detected.

For example, if a person has lost his or her patience you’ll start to see that he or she has lost his or her concentration and that this person is starting to look somewhere else or you’ll see that some guest is starting to talk with someone else, fact that will lead you to the conclusion that she or he is bored and without any patience or interest.

Or you can find other situations, when all the guests don’t seem to have been bored and they will like to hear you speak some more even if you have been speaking for some time. This fact might just have happened due to some reasons. The first one is that your speech is being delivered when they are fresh and you are asked to speak amongst the first. Or in other cases you really had a marvellous speech and people will like to hear you more.

Or, in other situations, your thoughts and the truths that you’ve expressed where so touchy and deep so that these ideas marked their lives and their hearts in such a manner that they are willing to let you speak for a couple of hours. This shows that your words are not only linked with the surrounding reality in which we are all living but they have essence and meaning, they teach you a lot.

Be short and wise

It is true that not all the subjects will be of great aid at a wedding. You should avoid speaking about your son’s past and the ex-girlfriends who he dated sometime before meeting the bride, because this will not build up the future of the newlyweds. Instead you can speak openly about your son’s achievements and how much you respect what he has become, about how he met his future bride.

Knowing your son and getting to know his bride and their love story also means that you can display some facts that are added from them in the category of great memories that will remain forever. Seeing that those events meant a lot for you as well will show others that you are a father who really cares for what is going on in his son’s life and is really interested in the bride. Welcoming her in your family will be a relief in many ways. For example, she will feel accepted, and her parents will see that their daughter is in good hands.

Try to keep your stories short though and don’t concentrate too much on every single detail, but expose the topic that you really wanted to mention as shortly as possible.

Be practical

Your speech preparation as the father of the groom will have to start very early since after you’ve written and edited your speech, you’ll have to make sure that what you’ve written will be transmitted and received in the attitude that you’ve expressed it in. You can see how great you are at speaking in front of an audience if you tape yourself, or just record your voice. By doing this you’ll notice some of the main facts that will make the difference when speaking in front.

First, this will allow you to improve your attitude towards the delivery of the speech, your body language and your gestures that are really important when you express yourself. The voice recording will allow you to adjust the tone of your voice, and the way you sound to a more know frequency that will make the guests live from their hearts the words that you’ve written. Pausing between sentences will allow the public to express themselves and assimilate what you are telling them, but they will feel like you are not rushing to finish earlier but you are calm, causing a mood that will influence the entire audience as well.

Or if you are not convinced on how you react when you are delivering your speech, you can adopt the method of staying in front of a mirror and reading your speech from there while you are watching yourself.

Another great tip that will save you a lot of time is to ask your family or your closest friends to allow some moments of their time while you are acting in front of them. Their sincere opinion will help you improve the sides where you lack exercises and will raise up your confidence. Their experience will teach you what to do and what to avoid.

By the end of your practice you will know your lines well enough to hold a great speech full of life and in a natural way that will set some positive attitudes, in some cases some huge laughter, in others some deep emotions, but all in all at the end of the day you’ll have a happy son and all your family will be very proud about your speech.

After all you represent your family when you speak and many times you’ll share their opinions and agreements as well. Your speech doesn’t have to be built on huge words but on those words that are sincere and that will always be worth telling.

How to structure your speech

Your speech as any other speech should be well-organized. This will assume an introduction line, a middle part and an ending that many times involves a toast. Even if you don’t know the whole speech from your memory, the introduction line defines the whole speech. The first seconds make the difference and influence the guests.

Being at a wedding not everyone will know who you are and it would be wise to present yourself and then add some great words about the couple as a welcome to the event. This is also the perfect time to welcome and thank the guests for their efforts, but also to make some appreciations to those who traveled from far distance to be here today.

Then the thanking part is over in which you include the guests, families, venue and other themes, but keep it short. What will follow is the middle part where you address some words towards your son and his bride, where you describe your relation with your son. These are the moments when stories have their charm and where people will pay the most attention to you and what you have to say.

The end is always is of the toast where you invite the audience to share this moment, and you get to mention some great wishes as a father, dedicated to the young couple. You can form your toast under the symbol of a quote or in line with the verses of a well-known song or a poem. Speeches are filled with various ideas that make them unique and truly appreciated.

In the end the father of the groom speech will describe a glimpse of a true relation, of family and of support, of growing up and understanding how it is to step on a brand new path of life where the experience of your parents will be of great aid in many situations.