father of the groom speechThe father of the groom wedding speech is considered to be one of the most important speeches on the wedding day and all the guests present at the wedding party are eagerly looking forward to it. So, it is of utmost importance that the speech should be well structured and should communicate and express all that is expected of a groom’s father.

Though a son’s wedding will be a very emotional moment for the father, he must not get too carried away emotionally and miss out various important aspects of the groom’s father speech. The wedding speech has to be delivered in a calm and composed manner and taking care of the atmosphere in the party.

Few in the wedding party may not recognize the groom father. So, the father of the groom speech must begin with a proper introduction. This can be followed by thanking all the guests and expressing gratitude for their presence on this auspicious day.

The groom’s father must warmly welcome the bride and her family and express the pleasure to have them included in his family.

What should be explained in the speech?

A father can begin the speech remembering the day his son was born, the feelings of happiness and some uncertainties as well. Then, the privilege to watch him grow from a baby held in hand to a kid by describing his childhood days, and then his teenage years and finally coming to the present day: a mature young man with high values and integrity.  It is also very important for the father to show his respect towards his son and his decisions, especially those related to marriage. This can be conveyed by affirming, for example, that his son could not have picked a better bride.

The father of the groom speech should also highlight the profound happiness and joy the groom’s family has on having found their daughter-in-law and her qualities and qualifications can be talked about and praised.

The beautiful way in which the bride and the groom complement each other can be talked about in the father of the groom speech. The way in which your son has developed since meeting his wife to be can also be expressed in the speech.

The description of few events from life that are shared between the father and the son can be discussed in the speech, and it can have a hilarious tinge to it. This prevents the speech from becoming boring and entertains the guests. For example, a bachelor party joke can be cracked.

Then, some advice related to marriage can be shared with the newlyweds by the medium of the groom’s father speech. The advice part must not be too long. The advices must be given in a friendly manner. The father of the groom can also talk about a few mistakes which he made in his married life, so that his son learns from them and prevents repeating the same when he begins a new life with his bride. The speech can contain certain quotes from books or movies that shall inspire the newlyweds to support and trust each other throughout and live a long and happily married life together. Other close members of the family can also be consulted for the advice part, if it is getting difficult to frame this part of the speech. Few advices that can be given are: making time for the family in spite of the busy schedule, surprising each other on a regular basis etc.

If at any instant, it is getting difficult to get along with the speech, due to nervousness, then to avoid fiddling, physical props can be used to help tell a story.  For example, a baseball bat or something related to the story. This shall keep your hands from trembling. Props help to invoke very powerful emotion in the crowd, and it conveys the message well and at the same time really looks stylish. The prop can then be given as a gift at the end of the toast.

A note of thanks to all those who helped make the day successful with their efforts must be mentioned in your father of the groom speech. The bride’s family should be thanked for their presence, support and friendship. If someone has helped monetarily, then he too can be thanked through the speech. The clergymen, the entourage, the caterers, the video and photo staff too should also be sincerely thanked.

A Nicely Spoken Toast Proposal Should Then End the Father of the Groom Speech

Before giving the father of the groom speech, going through few examples online or from books will immensely help. The speech should be inspirational, well planned and structured. Many websites provide information and tips on how to write a father of the groom speech. Before getting to the big moment, a good rehearsal is needed to grasp the correct amount of energy and confidence.

What Kind of Speech You Should Give?

Your son shall always cherish the moments of his wedding day, so why not add to the specialty of this day. Blow off everybody’s mind with your speech. Leave them spellbound. Your speech should implement the correct measure of integrity, gravity, love, devotion, kindness and respect for the newlyweds and also for the bride’s family. As your son begins a new phase of life, he must be able to make the best of it. Life has many challenges but with the support of your entire family, your son and his lovely bride can win all battles. Make them realize how precious they are to you and how you shall strive for the best to help them lead a happy married life. Your examples shall be referred to as guidelines and principles for the newlywed.

The father of the groom speech should stand out in its excellence and originality. It is a time to celebrate the welcoming of a new gorgeous member to the family, a new daughter in your life and the rightful partner in your son’s life. Let the wedding speech leave everyone hearing it remain amazed.