There is a point in life when it is necessary that you present your father of the groom speech. This is the case when you have a son, but imagine what happens if you have more – that means that you will need some new ideas 2 times or even 5 times, depending on how many boys you have raised. When you think about a unique, well-organized father of the groom speech written and presented, it’s difficult and stressful enough. But what about the cases when you know that maybe in 6 months or 3 years you will need a new one and you can’t copy or use the ideas from the previous one? Download 25 Groom’s Father Speech Examples

Therefore, it is good if you have your own ideas that aren’t fixed. Yes, I am talking about being flexible with ideas, so that whenever it is needed, you are on the spot, ready to do it. As you probably know, you can’t just go out unprepared. Another option, as a safety belt, is when you hire someone to write a groom’s father wedding speech for you. If you do that, it might succeed, but there are great chances that it won’t. In conclusion, you will still need to do things on your own. It might seem harder, but it’s the best choice.

groom's father toast

Stay fresh to write in a fresh manner

If you leave yourself conducted by the huge amount of stress you encounter on a daily basis, especially before the wedding comes, then you are up to a huge failure. However, if you learn how to control your own emotions and attitudes, things are going to change and it will all happen a lot faster than you ever assumed. More Wedding Speech Samples

I always use to-do lists, because they are very useful. You might consider that I am exaggerating, but I have the audacity to say that these lists are the best, needed for every man. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a good memory and it doesn’t mean you need a shopping list to make things right. With a to-do list, you will always know what follows. Of course, I prefer making priorities and the same is great for your son’s wedding checklist (your responsibilities, or the things you promised to help with) and for writing the father of the groom speech too. In many cases, what will keep you back from progressing is the simple fact that you will need to make sure that you are there every single time your son needs your help. Or maybe, in other occasions, your wife wanted to help in something and for that very reason she will need your presence too. As you know, you can’t hide and you can’t run away from these events. The only good solution, the only solution to ever work for you is that you can simply go ahead and write a great to-do list, with everything that is necessary. As motivation, you can always cut out some of the items – namely the ones that were completed successfully or are no longer needed.

Staying fresh also means that you need to sleep enough. Sleeping enough might have been an easy thing before, but now you have unexpected duties too. These unexpected things will cause you to not estimate your daily schedule correctly. Unfortunately, such minor things may easily lead to major problems – such as insomnia or not getting enough rest. What to do? Don’t take up extra responsibilities at your work place, for instance. Maybe your colleagues or your boss would offer you some extra (and of course paid) projects, but you can just say “no”, until things are sorted out with the wedding. Not for any other reason, but you know that you are involved and you need to be involved. You can’t ignore that it’s happening and you can’t ignore that you have a part too!

Then, all you need is to write in a fresh manner. What I recommend is writing in select hours. You don’t have to write at 11 PM or 2 AM. That is not a rule. Of course, if such hours make you write better and more creatively then go ahead, but otherwise it’s a strict NO. You can either write in the morning after having your breakfast and morning coffee, or you can choose the first hours after getting home from work. Maybe those are the hours when your brain is still fresh enough, able to create something.

Take things slowly and never rush

Being in panic and in constant hurry is not a solution. You need to relax and take things slowly, as they come, one after another. For example, maybe on Monday you manage to write 3 words for your father of the groom speech. What your brain might tell is something like “you fool” or “you incompetent man”, but it’s not true. Those few words can later mean the core of the speech, the idea starters you needed to write a great masterpiece. You maybe can’t understand this as of now, watching the words, but later it all makes sense.

As I said, you might go in very small steps, some days it’s 3 words, other days it’s 3 lines. Then, on other occasions, you will maybe cut out 5-6 lines because you find it foolish or you just don’t like the way it would sound like if you read it loudly. Would that be regression? Definitely no regression – all of these would be called nothing else than progress. That’s right: progress. You see, the days when you delete some lines – those are the days you want to improve, in other words that is when you decide to write something way better.

Then, from 3 words or 3 lines of apparently too simple text for the father of the groom speech, you can move forward and develop more text. For example, one of the words might be “love”. From there, you can write about how they met, from there you can write about how important true love is in marriage and many others. Frankly, there are countless ideas and things to write about from one word, be it the word “love” or any other word. This is partly why I mentioned above that it’s progress, every word you write down is one step or 100 steps closer to being complete.

When correcting, you don’t need to freak out if you see that you are losing from your text, you don’t need to panic about having less text for the wedding speech. Even more, you should focus on having valuable text. But then you might ask what valuable text is? I consider it anything that is worth saying, during a father of the groom speech. It can contain jokes, stories, poems, advices, anything else. As long as it’s good, it’s valuable. Of course, to truly understand what is valuable, you need to be a social person and understand how other people feel and think. Before that, you will also need to understand the personality of the newlyweds, because that is what should define both the wedding and your speech.

Pay attention to advice!

In some cases, giving advices within the father of the groom speech might be great. In other cases, it might be the worst possible idea. What makes the difference and how will you know what to do?

One of the first clues is your past relationship with your son. If you know that he always enjoyed your advices, and that he respected whatever you told him, then it’s a great idea to include some useful, friendly advices within the father of the groom speech. If your past experiences were so and so, never knowing what to tell him, it’s better to not include such parts in the speech. After all, it’s not like you can have a second attempt with the wedding speech – the first try is the last try (meaning at the event) and you should never risk having your son upset.

Then, there are advices that are selfish, while there are also advices that truly help a young couple. Remember that it’s not always your personal impressions and personal beliefs to define which advices are good to be given and which are not. I recommend that you consult more friends, men and women alike, to make sure that based on their advices you will know what to include and what not to say.

Jokes are refreshing many times

Wedding speech jokes, especially if they are quality jokes, are always amazing. A joke can make people laugh, a joke can make everyone feel better and more appreciated, ready to face the new challenges that are ahead of them in life. While they came for the wedding and not for any challenge-facing, it is definitely good to get connected and tell some great jokes. Obviously, you will need to carefully decide what type of language to use with your jokes. If you don’t use the right language, it gets a lot harder to make up good ones.

A good language will formulate the jokes in a way that no guests and no family members find it inappropriate. You know, tastes are various, but still there are jokes that can make anyone laugh hard. You will need to use such jokes, because with a father of the groom speech the main idea is that you will tell jokes that were directed to everyone, and not only to a part of the people who honored your family with the presence.

Keep your eyes safe

Many fathers (and not only) make their worst mistakes with their eyes. How does this happen? Let me clarify. When you speak, whether you were prepared or not, you will have a certain amount of stress. Due to the stress you will feel, your eyes will also reflect some part of it. Even if you have a great amount of self-control, you can’t hide your real emotions completely.

The best idea is to have your eyes set in a natural way. Don’t look at people unnaturally – like fixed on someone or switching from left to right with the speed of light. Look at everyone, like you are talking to them and then it’s all under control with your eyes!