groom's father speechIt does not matter whether you are a quite reserved type of man or one who is outspoken your son is getting married and you have to give a father of the groom speech. It is an integral part of the wedding/reception just like the father of the bride and the best man has to give speeches.  But do not fear, you only have to stand up and talk for five to ten minutes, and then you can sit down and let someone else speak.  Do not worry; you will not have to get up first to speak.  That privilege goes to your new daughter-in-law’s father.  Do not stress out worrying about what to say, how to say it, and being afraid you are going to mess up because this will only make it harder to write down what you want to say.

When looking online for inspiration and help almost every article you read will tell you not to wait until the last minute to write your speech, to take your time, make several drafts, etc.  That is all fine and good, but if you are one that is going to stress out and hyperventilate then get it done as soon as you can and then put it away for the big day.

Writing your father of the groom speech over the weekend

Yes, it can be done if you follow these twelve tips, sit down, take a deep breath, and slowly let it out.  Now read these twelve tips and start writing that great groom’s father speech for your son on his special day.

  1. The main reason to write a wedding speech.  It is to welcome your new daughter-in-law to the family: (bride’s first name) (groom’s first name) parents want to welcome you to our family not as a daughter-in-law but as our new daughter
  2. Although this is not a tip it is important to say if you can remember that first point writing the rest of the father of the groom speech will be easy.
  3. Now that you have welcomed her to the family and said something nice about your son it is time to welcome her parents to the family along with the thanking them for what they have done to make this a special day along with saying something nice about their daughter.(Bride’s parents first and last names) we have welcomed your daughter to our family and we want to also welcome you to our family.  Thank you (bride’s parent’s first names) for all you have done to make this a special day for (bride and groom’s first names).  You have given them some beautiful memories when they look back on this day.  (Bride’s parent’s first name) we just want to say that you have raised a wonderful daughter who brings much love and joy to our son (groom’s first name) and to our lives also.  We are proud and happy to say that we are glad she not only came into his life but also ours.
  4. At this time you need to welcome the guests that are present and thank them for joining (bride’s parent’s first and last name) and (groom’s parent’s first and last name) in witnessing the joining of (bride’s first name) and (groom’s first name) in marriage.
  5. Thank all those who have contributed to the success of the wedding and the reception.
  6. Mention your wife and mention how much you appreciation all she has done to make this a special occasion.
  7. When giving your speech you should also mention how special your bond is with your son. (Groom’s first name) I remember the first time they laid you in my arms the feeling was so overwhelming that I thought my heart would burst with the love I felt for you.  That special bond that we forged that day is still there today.  I thank God every day for choosing me to be your dad.  I love you.
  8. You can also share a favorite memory with the guests whether it is a humorous or sentimental. I can remember (groom’s first name) first day of kindergarten.  He came running into the kitchen all excited and it was not about what he had done in kindergarten that first day or even about his teacher.  It was about that cute freckle-face girl with pigtails who shared his reading rug.  (Groom’s first name) told me that day he was going to marry her and today he did just that.
  9. At this time you can give an appropriate quote or piece of advice. (Bride’s first name and Groom’s first name) one thing that was told to me at my wedding I want to share with you.  It is something that we try to live each day by.  Remember if either of you are in a bad mood do not mix bad words with it.  You will have many times to change that bad mood into a happy one but you will never have the opportunity to replace the bad words you spoke.  Change your mood into a good one filled with good words and love.
  10. You have made it this for and it is almost time to wrap it up.
  11. Remember not to make it too long.
  12. Wrapping it up you turn to the bride and groom, raise your glass and give a little toast.  Now it is time for the best man to give his speech. I raise my glass to my new daughter (bride’s first name) and son (groom’s first name) may every day be filled with love as you both embark on the next part of your journey of life not as one but as two acting as one.

Make sure that you reread your father of the groom speech to make sure it all makes sense, and then put it up until the big day arrives when it is time to deliver it.