A wedding occasion for your son is surely fun filled and packed with lots of enjoyment and rapture. It is a day you look forward to with great expectations and our entire family prepares for the celebration. Wedding preparation calls for huge participation of friends and family. Everyone starts preparing for the venue, the right clothes, and the decor of the party, the food, and the people to be invited, the presents for the couple and many more extravaganzas. Rushing to the mega-cities to book the right caterer and ordering the right flowers takes a lot of preparation and time. In fact, time flies by so swiftly that you can hardly find time for yourself and hardly any time to prepare the groom’s father speech. Click here for 25 Examples

The power of this speech is immense. It cannot be expressed how simple words can trigger immense happiness and euphoria in the lives of the newly married couple. Most important of all is that it is a special day for your son and with the right father of the groom speech you can mould the path of the newly marries couple and bless them with scintillating sparks of life. Life is a challenge and marriage is a big step ahead towards life. Through the wedding speech you can express your views about married life and the problems you can likely face. Express how you felt when life threw challenges at you and how you successfully tackled them with the help and support of your soul mate. Thus, make the newly married couple realize the essence of togetherness and love for each other.grooms father toast

Make sure you provide your warm wishes to the bride’s family and extend your cordial gratitude for the guests who have joined the occasion for the celebration. The fun filled party should be maintained all along. Usually, the groom’s father wedding speech is preceded by the father of the bride speech. The father of the bride speech can be emotionally overwhelming as it elucidates the feelings of a father, whose daughter is now going to be a part of your family. On the other hand, it is almost necessary that the speech should be in contrast to the father of the bride speech.  You can make it funny and implement jokes in between, share your favorite past times with your son, the memories which you will always cherish and treasure throughout your life. Given below is a segment of the father of the groom speech which can be referred to for writing your own speech.

Example of the Groom’s Father Speech

“It seems that it was just yesterday that I held Tom (Tom is the groom) in my hands and was moved by his delicacy. And now, standing here and looking at him, holding the hand of an angel soothes my heart and fills my mind with extreme joy. Sarah (Sarah is the bride), I am so excited at the fact that God has given me such a lovely daughter. Tom and Sarah, I wish you both eternal peace and happiness. May God always protect and preserve your passionate love and overflow your life with blessings and success. I wish that the journey you are about to begin be packed with unlimited pleasant surprises for both. Tom and Sarah, I assure you that the entire family will support you and help you in the endeavours of life. Cherish each moment and make the best out of it. I wish you both my heartiest congratulations. “

Explanations for the above example

With this you can add a few instances of your life or any piece of advice you feel is important for them to know. Give them the simple guidelines of life and show them the path of happiness. As far as the end of the speech is concerned, it is important to conclude it with a toast. Given below are few of the toasts which you can add to your speech.

Father of the Groom Toast Examples

# Toast 1

“To Tom and Sarah (Tom is the groom and Sarah is the bride). I thank you my children for giving me the best present of this life. Tom, God has given you the best gift for being such an honorable young man. Sarah, you are the most precious asset of Tom’s life. I am pleased that you have added colors to my son’s life. Tom, cherish the aura of Sarah and respect her love and devotion for you. Enjoy life to the fullest. Treasure each moment”

 # Toast 2

“Life has given me many special moments and now I can proudly say this is one of the happiest days in my life. Mr. And Mrs. Martin (Mr. and Mrs. Martin are the bride’s father and mother, respectively) thank you for blessing me with such a beautiful daughter. I pledge that I shall protect her as a true father and cater to all her needs. I assure you that my son Tom (Tom is the groom) shall prove to be a wonderful son in law and a great husband. To Tom and Sarah, love glorifies you forever.”

  • You can view examples of the groom’s father speech or toast from different websites available online. Make sure the toast adds to the maximum-point of the speech.
  • Do not make your speech boring. Deliver the speech casually and the tone used should reflect your inner joy and approval of the decision of your son towards his life.
  • Warmly welcome the bride and her family and let them not feel like strangers. Do not mention any unnecessary or unpleasant incidents from your pasts because they can prove to be disastrous on this special day.
  • Make the father of the groom speech special in your own special way. Maintain the originality of the speech and do not copy anybody else’s speech. Make it pleasing and fun filled. The speech is an awesome platform to share your toast for the newly married couple.