The groom’s father speech is one of the most awaited moments in a wedding reception and all the guests at the party are keenly looking forward to it. So, if it’s now your time to deliver the speech on your son’s wedding reception and you definitely do not want to screw it up, but rather be applauded and highly praised by all the guest presents at wedding party and want your son to admire your speech, you better get started soon instead of waiting for the last week before the wedding.

You son’s wedding is surely a long awaited moment for you and your family. You would have meticulously planned this auspicious ceremony leaving no stone unturned, taking care of each and every detail to make it a huge success. Now would you not like to add an additional charm to it by delivering a great groom’s father speech? Would you not like to make it the most memorable speech you son has ever heard? Would you not like to enthrall the audience with your father of the groom wedding speech? You surely would love that.

Now, if you are not a veteran at public speaking or the last time you have spoken front of a gathering was long back, you must realize that you need to have sufficient practice before you deliver the groom’s father speech in the party. No one would want to be an utter disaster by fumbling and fidgeting at the time of speech on such a precious moment which comes only once in life (for most of the people). You owe a great wedding speech to your son on his life’s most memorable day. You definitely want him to remember this day all his life and want your speech to echo forever in the minds of your loved ones.

You too can spellbind your audience with a great speech. All you need to do is sufficient practice and rehearsals. You can record the speech and listen to it. This will help you add richer content and also help you find out flaws or loopholes, if any. You can also practice it in front of a few of your close friends or may be your wife. They can also help you improvise the father of the groom speech and give you some useful suggestions.

It is very important that the speech to be delivered in a particular style or format. It should not be presented in a random haphazard manner. There is a certain structure which must be followed. The format should have the following parts:

  • A brief formal introduction:  Your groom’s father speech must begin with greetings and a short formal introduction so that the guests, who do not recognize you, come to know that you are the groom’s father. Though someone would have introduced you already, but it would be better if you once again introduce yourself and then begin with the speech. Just mentioning your name and stating that you are groom’s father would be enough.
  • Welcoming the guests: You welcome each and every soul present at the wedding party. Extending a warm welcome to all the guests and appreciating them for honoring you with their presence is very important. Some may have travelled long distances to be a part of this celebration which holds so much importance for you, your family and especially your son. They have come all the way to bless your son and daughter in law. Some may have brought some elderly members of their family along with them and for that they must have made special arrangements to suit the elderly members and bring them along comfortably so that they do not face any problems during the journey. You must sincerely thank all the guests for making it to the reception in spite of having such problems. But take care not to bore the guests by making this part of the groom’s father speech lengthy and never ending. Keep it precise and to the point.
  • Recalling old times: You are allowed to get a bit nostalgic and talk of the old times. You can cry, it’s okay, unless you have to stop the speech and leave it mid-way, incomplete. That would be inappropriate. You may talk about the day your son was born and how lucky you were to watch him grow up to this day. You can talk about his childhood days and the funny antics you shall never forget. Adding a story to this part of the speech would be good. Stories related to some funny incidents will entertain all the guests. It can also be of his teenage years. But take care that you do not joke in a way that embarrasses your son or your family. It should not offend or humiliate any one. That could spoil the entire mood of the party.
  • Show respect towards your son: Few lame stories that you might think are hilarious and not enough to talk on your son’s topic. You have to show him respect. In the groom’s father speech, you should throw some light on your son’s achievements and highlight his qualities as a good human being. You must appreciate his decision taking ability and congratulate him in selecting the right girl for him.
  • Talk about your son’s bride: Make your son’s bride feel a warm welcome from your family. You can typically talk about being so proud and happy to have her included in your family.  You can mention some of her accomplishments in the work field which you admire. You can talk about how well she complements your son and suits your family.
  • Sharing some marital advice: In the groom’s father speech, you can share some tips or advice with the newlyweds. Keep in mind that the advices you give must be spoken in a friendly tone. You can take suggestions from your wife if you are not very sure about what to say. But if you are not so comfortable in getting advices, you can avoid this part.
  • Thanking the people who have helped you: You cannot miss out thanking the clergymen, your wife, the caterers, the entourage and the video staff who co-operated with you all along and made the reception a huge success.
  • Raise a toast: A nicely spoken toast is an important part of every wedding speech. You must practice this part of the speech well and add your best wish to the bride and groom as you propose the toast.

The above structure is the most common format in which the groom’s father speech is given. Following this structure will help you construct the speech and present yourself in an organized manner.