It is typically for the parents to have something to say at their son’s wedding or at their daughter’s wedding, so you might expect them to overcome their fear or their other emotions and just reveal what a father or a mother’s heart might possess towards this beautiful event, called a wedding.

In the case of the father of the groom speech, you can be of great influence for the ones who follow up next. Pay attention to what was spoken already, as you don’t want to linger too much on one idea from your speech, but you might make the laugh of the day for the audience that is listening to you. Click HERE for Samples

As a father of the groom, you’re up in line after the father of the bride speech, so make sure to put a note of appreciation on this early speech since now you can consider yourself related to the bride’s family. Trust me – it will make the difference, and it won’t pass without notice.

There are a few details, which will make your speech a lot easier to write it down and then to sustain it. If you are shy person, or a person who is not accustomed to speak in front of a public, then it might be on your best interest to make some practice at home, to reduce those emotions that are running through your toast

You can do this in front of your family, because they will be your closest allies in giving you a straight opinion about it. Many people are doing the mistake when they talk to get all stutter, because of the impact with the audience mixed with the impact of emotions and all together under the influence of the wedding’s importance and stress.

Other people might gesticulate too much and offer a variety of mixed signals and inward communication. So pay attention to your hands, as they might be flipped too many times and this will induce some wrong moods. Act holding them close to your body but in a natural way, and when the moment comes, use them to point towards your beloved son and to his wife, but also make sure the impact stays on the audience.

Your body language is one of the most important ways of delivering messages, and it has been used since antiquity so you might take advantage and use it for the best to transmit a clear and naturally worded message. Don’t take a posture like you are being at work and you are trying to explain something, as this will definitely ruin the moment, and some people might feel like you are putting pressure on them.

Act it just like you are present at a wedding, on a big day, and try to make people feel highly involved in this communication, and in this speech, because after all you know them, maybe not all of them but there are a lot of people who know you there! Address them like friends, and their whole attitude towards you will change, and this will also count a lot for your son and other family members as well.

Or you can take time to see it for yourself, by taking a mirror and starting to talk. You will notice right away what has to be changed, what has to be improved. Don’t speak too loudly, but don’t speak too slowly either: make pauses between the sentences and let emotions reveal themselves as the words come out from your mouth. Be sensitive about the public reactions. That way you’ll know when to stop from a joke if you are using some humorous statements in your stories, but also, you won’t let them in a state of boredom.

With these ideas about the human nature and their reactions to the speech, you’ll make it a great and fun speech, even when you want to spice it with some funny jokes that fit rightly into its context, message and structure.

Don’t forget to use your character and your looks as well to maintain a focus on your moment. Whatever you do make it count but in a good manner. Your eyes attract a lot of attention or simply do the opposite. This is also another part of your body language so use it properly, and don’t show a bored gaze like let’s end this, or a look which will reveal too much of your nature as being all too emotional.

Your eyes have to be targeting the audience, not concentrate in one part to avoid stress, or fix the sight on one person, because none of these would work. Make sure that you don’t involve only the family members and the closest friends, but also involve the whole audience. After all, they are your guests. When you’ve finished with the thanking sections in your speech that involve family, guests, and other planners, you must also put the attention on your son, because especially as a father I am pretty sure that you have some great common memories together that can be shared.

Now is the time in the father of the groom speech to use that bond between you and your son to express how proud you are of the way his life turned out to be and that you have some double reasons on being thankful. Tell the guests how he has met the woman of his dreams, and now at his own rhythm he will establish a family and become in a few years a father himself.

You can make some heart to heart wishes and declarations like a happy marriage, or something related to them as a new family. Your speech ending can be written based on a quote, or on the verses of a well-known song, or words from a movie. Use words of impact, words of motivation, which will definitely make an impression. It will definitely work, because good and positive experiences make people want to encompass those moments!

When delivering a speech, time is of essence, so make sure that you don’t fall in the same trap of making a speech too long and then suffer the consequences of hearing some words spoken in the back of your speech. So, don’t use this strategy to make if for about ten or twelve minutes, because then you’ll probably lose the crowd and all will become too dull.

So, start recording your speech back at home when you’ll practice it in front of a mirror or in front of your family, and then you’ll see (based on their facial expressions and the way they are sitting on the chair or on the couch) of how much impact your speech is.

At the wedding, if you see that you have an audience that doesn’t have a lot of patience, then you can write and deliver a speech which is not too long, but it will be a speech of great words and action. The perfect speech is when you can get people’s attention and that is of about four minutes.

Because after you’ve made your introduction, with all the formalities which are required, you can add some humor related to the weather if it is a sunny one, or a windy one. A good joke will often do good -place it in the beginning, thus it will also make a lot of difference so you’ll start on the right foot.

The main idea is about the wedding of your son with his bride, but it is also about everyone else and how your speech can make a difference. As the father of the groom, you can add words to describe your son, but then try to mention about his relationship with the bride, and how this changed everything in a good way, in some quality moments. Don’t forget that his happiness is also your happiness as a father. This will make a lot of difference, since this girl he is marrying comes from a family that already accepted your son as their own and it’s also the fact that you’ve already won a daughter to your family, to the hearts of your family members.

So choose to share these moments, they’ll surely make the difference and they will be appreciated for it. As the father of the groom, you will definitely give a speech of good times and of great memories at your son’s wedding, especially if you’ve paid some attention to the things described in this article.