Learning how father of the groom speeches are written is not always easy. There are so many books, electronic books and blogs claiming that they have the best methods to teach you how great speeches are written. However, as soon as someone would try to base his knowledge on what these blogs and “powerful” or “trustful” sources say – it is only failure.

One of the great ways, which is not too complicated, is learning to give a speech by reading some examples. In such cases, it is not only that you see how it is basically done but you actually have a good source to draw tremendous amounts of inspiration from. It makes a huge difference to talk about a brand new car or see that awesome masterpiece of brand new car. In the first instance, you hear about it, still have almost no idea and in the second, you can read and hear about it but at the same time you are aware of how things are in reality.

father of the groom speech

Here is, for example, a really bad example of how a father of the groom wedding speech is introduced:

“Dear friends, I am happy you came here, because we truly wanted to feel proud about the many guests we have. After all, we are proud of my son’s decision and I hope you feel it too”.

Although these sentences give a fake impression of respecting the newly wedded couple and of being honest, it is the bad (if not worst) example of how one can write a speech introduction. If people would hear such a thing during a real wedding, they would be something like “okay, which is the soonest time I can leave without embarrassing myself”? Instead of this event and mood killer above, the father of the groom could’ve said something like this:

“Hello everyone and welcome to Brian and Jessica’s wedding! I am truly honored to be here on this sunny August day and I am really happy for their joy, which is now clearly expressed and strengthened by the lifetime bondage these young lovebirds made by marriage. I know some of you have traveled even 20 hours to get here – I really appreciate these efforts and we are honored to have you here.”

First of all, this good example is not self-centered. While the first example (the bad one) we presented above gives an impression that the speaker is ego-centered, this second example truly presents how the father of the groom respects the couple, but the guests as well. Showing and expressing respect in such ways is great, because then people will feel and remember how much of a gentleman you are, and they will also feel like it made a positive difference for everyone to be present at this unique event. MORE Wedding Speech Samples

It is also a good thing to sometimes mention the time of the wedding. It’s like a symbol of feeling empathy and being there with heart and soul. People will also want to hear that their special efforts were mentioned, because some of them truly struggled a lot to make it to the event.

How to make use of jokes

People often fall into huge mistakes, by using simple jokes (or at least they assume the jokes are simple). The problem with some jokes is that they aren’t suitable for an event such as a wedding, and more than that it is obvious how such jokes can never be used in a groom’s father speech.

For example, you should never joke about sexual things. I mean, seriously, you know there are many grownups (almost everyone) at the wedding, but these jokes don’t go well for the event. It is also important to notice grandpa John, because if he isn’t too fine about joking, then you should rather find other means of being funny, such as expressions, which can cause laughter while they aren’t specific jokes.

It is also well-known that some jokes are overused. If you truly want a great father of the groom speech, you should try to be as original as you can humanly be. Originality also means you won’t use some copied, internet-used or socially overused jokes, even if they seem great for you. In many cases, an original joke can be derived from a joke you already know. What I mean is this: maybe you hear a fine joke about the rainy season, and then if you are at a summer wedding, you will use your own version of the joke about the summer season. Again, please try not being explicit!

A bad example for a joke is this: “I remember when I was 16. The way Brian’s wife looks – I would’ve scored that too at my age. However, I got a better lady by myself: my gorgeous wife.” Such a joke, while it might have been intended as a compliment for your son’s best choice, is a perverted kind of joke, which won’t be appreciated at your son’s wedding. Yes, if you say something like it, people will try to laugh and to present you with applause, but deep inside they will judge you and think about you as about a bad father.

On the other hand, you can easily say something like: “Brian here doesn’t like summer, so that’s why he prepared a summer wedding. No guys, I am kidding, these young lovers are heading for Miami Beach for their honeymoon, so I am just happy they will enjoy summer to the maximum!”

Truth said about some wedding speech stories

It has always been written and advised that during a father of the groom wedding speech, or any other wedding speech, it is a great idea to say some stories. This is true, but it is very important to be specific about saying stories. For example, one of the worst ideas is talking about how handsome you were at your son’s age and how many girlfriends or adventures you had before your wife. Trust me, while you think people would love to hear that, they are not even interested in what you had before. Also, such an attitude won’t make people believe you are a good husband or father, and even more than that they will begin assuming that your son will continue on the same path.

It is also bad if you do this for your son, talking about his past relationships. Sometimes people mistake by believing that past stories build the future. This is mostly wrong in the context of a father of the groom speech, because a romantic past, which might have included ugly or shameful parts will in no way benefit the future relationship your son has with his wife.

Obviously, most of the father of the groom speech stories should be focused on your son, because he is the central point of the event with your daughter in law. Now, talking about him doesn’t mean you can bring up every single story that crosses your mind. Before saying any kind of stories about your son, you should not forget that 2 minutes of speaking can’t be exceeded during this speech part. The other 3 or maximally 4 minutes are supposed to include the speech introduction, the parts about the bride, the words of wisdom and advices and finally a toast proposal.

It is a good idea to speak about the things your son achieved during his teen ages. By achievements I mean competitions he won or obtained good positions at, or good study results in high school. However, if he was a genius or a mathlete, you shouldn’t present his scientific portfolio with the occasion of giving your father of the groom speech.

On the other hand, you can and should also tell the romantic story, which builds the foundation for the wedding that is taking place. After all, if you put yourself into the position of the guests who came to honor your son and his bride then you suddenly realize that they only came to testify their appreciation for this event and this life-changing situation. It is always nice to mention things like this:

“My son, Brian, met Jessica on a rainy day. They were both out in the park and out of a sudden accident, Brian hit Jessica’s umbrella and the umbrella fell and broke. So, out of a gentleman’s obligation, Brian told her that she should allow him to buy a coffee for this accident. Jessica accepted, and they went for a coffee and spent the whole evening together.The next couple of months, they began to go out for dinners or for walks in the park, thus meeting each other better. After they began dating, just 3 months after, I got to meet Jessica. I must tell you that I was impressed by how perfectly she matches Brian in personality and looks, but didn’t want her to freak out, so I didn’t say anything.Then, 2 years were enough for them to reach to the decision of marrying each other. So, I am a happy father because I know they both made a great decision together”.

Such a story told is just welcome in any speech. Even more than that, you can rely on such a story told to later make a reference to this story during the toast proposal of your father of the groom speech. As you can see, there weren’t too many details and the story wasn’t too long. This is respectable, because a wedding speech will never be allowed to exceed the length (overall) of 5 or at most 6 minutes.

Also, the story example presented above will help people to rejoice, to be happy about what is happening: the wedding of your son. However, if you present such a story, it is well balanced, because people will feel you respect your son but at the same time people will sense it in their hearts that you respected the bride too. This is the ideal situation, because it enables you to make things a lot easier than they were before. Also, by easier I mean you will handle things (speech parts) in a way, which is infinitely easier than you would’ve had otherwise.

Closing parts of father of the groom speeches – what to do and what to avoid

Then, it is equally important to close a good speech the right way. If you had a good speech and the ending is lame, the final impression is still lame. In other words, a father of the groom speech, which was started how it was supposed to be should also end how it is supposed to end.

When you are giving the advices, you should keep maximal attention to all details, because those are the parts when you can make a lot of mistakes. For example, you might not even notice how you have a wrong attitude, trying to tell the young lovers that they have no idea about life, about decisions and about marriage. Of course, you have half of the lifetime’s experience as far as married life goes, but that doesn’t mean you should make them feel lame for not having the same things. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give great advices – even more, you should give the best you can. Every piece of advice you ever mention during the father of the groom speech must be told in a humble but simple way, so that everyone understands the differences between moral lessons and good advices.

Then, you are not obligated to give advices, because it is of equally good quality if you can quote some great poems or romantic books. You can even use movies and some famous people’s sayings to make some high quality quotes. The role of these quotes is that you can express deep thoughts that are harder to be told by your own words. It is also more elegant to use other people’s words if you are not an artist’s mind or spirit of creation. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t creative – creativity in such cases can stand in the fact that the sources you will use for the quotes are various and surprising.

It is to be avoided for any father to have long quotes – you need to say it for 30 seconds or at most one minute. If you exceed this length with the quotes, you have failed. Make sure you won’t use some quotes that appeared in other articles, on blogs or in books that were written on the topic of wedding speeches or even more specifically: father of the groom speeches.