Not everyone is accustomed to speak in front of a public, not to mention when you’ve been asked to do so at your son’s wedding. The need to success in this matter is essential since you are the head of the family representing them as well. Your life can change rapidly if you’ve been asked to hold the father of the groom speech. First of all, you’ll have to get over the fear of doing everything wrong and get to work. Here You Will Find 25 Father of the Groom Speech Examples

A wedding is one of the most important events that life can offer and it’s the union of two souls who choose to be together and share everything. If you are the type who wants to leave the crowd with a good impression, here are some steps to follow that will lead you to a great performance.

Start organizing

wedding toastThe essence of a good wedding speech is not sustained only by starting early, like a few weeks early but it is defined as well by your time, your investments in this case your involvement as a father and being an organized person. If you want to succeed this is the path to go by. Everything that you do and say in this day will last forever and it will be a memory that will add to various other occasions.

Being prepared will equip you to prosper and without any stumbling or rambling deliver your groom’s father speech with clarity and eloquence. Organizing means much more than making time to write whatever comes into your mind. It might start like it, but it’s not the essence. Organizing is putting piece by piece your thoughts, your ideas, your whole memory content that you’ve chosen to be representative for your son’s wedding into a successful and admirable speech.

Holding a speech means not only addressing some words, a speech is the art of words that comes to life, it’s an expression of your emotions which are dwelling inside and just waiting to have a word to add. Planning everything right from the beginning will spear a lot of your time and will give you the opportunity to be well prepared when the time comes. All your tasks will offer you diverse opportunities to go by. Click Here for MORE Groom’s Father Speech Examples

First is to choose the theme of your father of the groom speech and your topics you want to go by, then if you want to add more creativity to your speech but you’re out of ideas you can search some of the sources of inspiration that are so often encountered, whether there are online or offline. Such information is good to be added into your speech if they don’t become another random copy of what others already thought of pursuing.

Useful advices can be found among close friends or members of the family that have already been in this situation and have the necessary experience of writing and delivering a wedding speech. Speak with those friends that are fathers and just had their son’s weddings. They will inform you what to put in your speech that won’t offend any of the guests or worse – the newlyweds.

The theme

The basic lines that include a wedding speech are around a theme. Whether you choose to use story lines to describe memories, jokes included in funny notes, quotes of remarkable authors, mottos or other various options remember to build all up around a central theme that you’ve chosen to run by.

The most common and yet preferred themes to go by that are related with the father of the groom speech include: details about the couple – when your son first met his bride, the first time he laid eyes on her and felt something different, funny moments from the groom’s childhood, or from the period when he was courting his bride, your new daughter in law, and compliments on their relation.

As the father of the groom you should know by now that the guests which are present at the wedding came to see the couple this assuming that half are from your son’s part and half are from the bride’s, this including the next step around your central theme that will allow you to make the people present at the wedding to be able to relate to this topic.

The tone of your groom’s father speech

Another important step that will influence the success of your speech is the ambiance of your tone. The best way to go by being the father of the groom is by using an appropriate but informal tone. The more formal you’ll be you’ll succeed only to raise up communicational barriers and emotional impediments, and people will not be able to relate with what you are presenting.

The tone of your groom’s father wedding speech describes as well the character and personality you possess; being yourself is the best option for an excellent speech. At the end what matters is your message to be well transmitted and understood. Also by your tone people will form an opinion about yourself and what kind of person you are.

Keep in mind though that you are not in a meeting or at a conference but you are standing in front of old and new friends and the most important fact is that you are at your son’s wedding. I’m not saying that you have to joke all the time and say things that might have a negative ending. It is a very different thing to make jokes where everyone is laughing and is feeling well and jokes that seem only funny to you or that will put the newlyweds into a bad position.

Your tone should be chosen according to the message that you want to transmit and what you want the audience to perceive.

The others

Another fact that will give you an original and authentic speech is linked not only with the advices that you choose to follow and by doing so you improve your writing but your performance as well, but also with being on the same page with your son. You don’t want to include things or memories that he will not agree to. It is after all about his wedding and what pleases him and his bride and trust me your support as a father matters a lot.

You’ll be surprised how in many situations without any speaking people have written about the same theme on their speeches. If the mother of the groom has a few words to address you should consult with her, not to speak twice about the same topic or the same ideas. Even if there are events that are very significant there is always the chance of adapting things and ideas in order to create something beautiful but original at the same time.

After you’ve finished with editing your speech and you’ve made sure that everything is as it should you can start with the next part that is as well as important as the first that was writing your speech.

Gain confidence

This second and last part includes some simple exercises that will raise your confidence in giving an excellent and yet natural speech. To be able to look a public in the eye and deliver your message without being too afraid to speak, or too shy requires the will of doing everything by the book.

It is said in many cultures and countries that practice is the key of becoming better and faster. In this context of wedding speeches practice will develop in you the necessary communicational skills that are useful and usually required. You’ll develop not only a calm and relaxed state but you’ll be the owner of your own emotions and not backwards.

You’ll stick to the point of your message without being too long or too short but at the same time you’ll be very well organized. A nervous person often loses himself and starts having certain tics that describe him such as unbuttoning his costume or he will start shaking or in the worse scenario he won’t notice and will stand behind the furniture.

You’ll avoid all this by asking the relatives and close friends to gather all up one afternoon to listen to your performance. This will offer a clear view of what you are capable of doing when a bunch of people have come to listen to your performance. Trust me – in this phase their advices will be like a goldmine for a remarkable father of the groom speech.

Gestures and body language

When speaking about speeches, one of the main factors that will influence them is the way you transmit something. An idea can be transmitted in many ways and you can do it by mimics, gestures or by your body. Everybody has its own language that goes by, yours as well.

Every emotion can betray you since your body reacts to what is inside you. For example, if you are too anxious about something you’ll express this by walking up and down across the room, as well if you are nervous you’ll start to fuss around, or your start to lose your patience regarding a situation or another.

The gesture that you show while you perform is mainly linked with the attitude that you have developed towards the event, the situation in which you are now and the people you are surrounded by. Maybe you are a person that really likes to express himself, and then it will be wise to keep your hand near your body and not so much in the air. You have to control your emotions as well since they can be your number one enemy.

Don’t try to build more a relation with your son and his bride only and ignore the rest of the guests, since a good speaker always points to the newlyweds but addresses to the audience as well, making them feel involved and welcomed at this event.

Your eyes are also channels of transmission and a connection with the audience is very important. A step forward is to rehearse the speech back at home a few weeks early, allowing yourself to get accustomed with what you’ve written and be able to provide a reality of your own heart. Being simple and sincere will win you the whole speech performance.

Use words that are suitable for an occasion like this and don’t exaggerate thinking that using complicated words will sound better. The risk is that when performing you might forget the words that were so complex and in the end replace them with some words that you can relate to and have a base in your vocabulary and in those that are present at the wedding.

Share your feelings

A great father of the groom wedding speech is a speech of the heart, and within this statement words have power. Being sincere and honest will meant a lot for your son and your family as well as for the bride and those that hear you from the first time speaking. People might not know you but after your performance they will build an image related with your person.

Don’t fear to do so, if you are not a person too emotional or that doesn’t know how to express his feelings then a few simple remarks will be enough for your message to be understood and well received. Sincerity and honesty are the keys that make a speech reliable and really true. People like to hear words of wisdom or words and lines that will carry them on to the good moments of their lives, or they will treasure your speech as the truth that remains. Your advices about wedding can really change the whole concept of many that don’t have your experience and your years.

The father of the groom speech completes the lines of wedding speeches, being one of the memorable speeches that bring you closer to a family image, the bound between a father and a son and the joy that is to be shared on this new beginning that he decided to step in.