The most usual composition of the father of the groom speech would have the following:

  • Addressing the guests with a Hi or Hello, however, never start with a thank you. For example, ‘Thank you for joining me and my son in…” No, you are not reading out a thank you note here. You can put your thanks towards the closure.
  • Sometimes, starting with a thank you can unconsciously initiate a winding up mood to the party.
  • Secondly, there has been a compulsory rule of telling a short incident from the past, where your son did something you had admired until today. We do not know how that rule came in, but if you are going to apply it in your speech then make sure you quote a good memory. Sometimes a past incident, of which you may feel is fair and acceptable, might not reward you. Your son may not feel comfortable to be sharing it. Mind his sensitivity while scripting the father of groom speech.
  • Pitching right in without prior preparation is a bad idea. A success from such a context is very rare. On the other hand, preparing prior to the speech but in a poor and negligent manner could be worst.
  • To overcome every uncertainty and query, this article will provide you with the perfect examples of father of the groom speeches.
  • However, just draw the idea and do not copy the father of groom speech as such.
  • No matter how many emotions you put in, copying will reveal it made-out and fake.

Father of groom speech – Samples

Always have three parts:

  1. The start can be series through greeting, self-introduction, welcoming the guests, addressing the bride and groom.
  2. The body of the content is where you start with a memory and talk for and about your Son, his wife, their marriage and future. Make is as concise as possible. You may start with a small yet cherishing and happy moment from your past together. Add an experience and advice from your marriage. End the body of the speech with a gentle man joke.
  3. The wrapping up will include your thanks, to your son, the bride, your wife, the new in-laws, family and friends present at the ceremony.

The basic format would be as above, however it is totally up to your creativity to add a surprise element and tricks in any available slots of your speech script.


Welcome all dear loved people here.

We are all enjoying and celebrating the day. However, the father of the groom has something to reveal to the world. In addition, if I do not do it today, I can never do it again.

I want you tell all a story. It’s a true story, which only my wife and I knew until now. Once upon a time, there was a poor man and for your information, that would be me. I was married too young, right after my education. I had to do three jobs to pay rent and food. My wife was a darling; she never taunted me for my pitiful condition rather always said: someday we will be rich, fine and happy.

Then as a god’s gift, one day my wife and I found out that she is pregnant. The financial status could not hinder our limitless happiness. During that time, for more money support my wife decided to bake cakes in her leisure and relax time. Her hobby not only kept her occupied, but helped us earn small cash which would mean so much of support back then.

We never really had the money to buy so many ingredients to put into it. She would make it for the people staying nearby; get the required amounts of ingredients from them. She would keep a small piece of whatever cake she baked that day, for me. I must say, my wife bakes the best cake on earth.

During her third trimester, we could not collect enough money for a bus ride to a government hospital nearby. She said: let us skip one general check-up, so what. I could not convince myself. I took her on my bicycle and rode 3 miles to the clinic.

Soon, after such roller coaster rides, our son came into our lives. I was the first person to hold him in my arms. The feel that day, when the doc gave him wrapped up in a piece of cloth, will be unmatchable to anything until today and forever. When I saw his face for the first time, he was so bright and that instance he filled my spirit with hope and confidence that our life is going to be happy hereafter.

Right from his childhood days, John was a very clever boy. He was not like any other normal kid who just ignored family issues and stayed busy in his play. When he was in his primary school, he first learned the word ‘Entrepreneur’. He could let the word go after understanding the meaning of it. He pushed his mom and convinced me to get some money from anywhere, and set a cake shop of our own.

We tried telling him our inability. However, he would not just give up. Finally, I made up my mind and took a loan of small amount. We soon set the shop and to our surprise, we started making decent money out of it. Shortly, in two years’ time, we had three workers under us. I quit my other jobs and took care of the supply chain section. Slowly we started adding a new menu too.

‘’Everyone here today recognizes me as an Executive Director of a leading bakery chain” We have more than 80 stores now throughout the country, franchises and stake owners. Only my wife and I knew who put the seed in. I am not ashamed of revealing how my past life was, because my Son here has changed the face of the complete story line.

What more could I ask for to the Lord, he has bestowed us with a wonderful and one in a million Son.

John is witty, smart and a go-getter. He was born in this world to unlock our happiness. He was a gifted child. Has always been an honest and caring son. I have immense confidence that he will make a lovely husband and a great father too.

So on this day, I raise my toast to honor my Son and wish him the best and best of everything in life.

I cannot forgo this stage without a heart-felt thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Tom (the Bride’s Parents) for bringing such a lovely and beautiful girl into the world and raising her to be such a fine woman, entrusting their biggest asset onto us. Thank you Brenda (bride) for sharing your love with John!  We all know that John’s choice was amazing. Let me reassure that yours too is exceptional.

Finally, thank You Lord, thank You for your mercy!

Note on this sample

This is an emotional and touchy way of delivering a father of groom speech. Such a speech can bring out the rare seen emotional side of the father and can leave your son in a complete awe. The new daughter-in-law can also appreciate this particular style, as women naturally fall for emotional subjects more.


Rather, you can take up a witty and fun theme and work on it. Start off with fun and jokes from past. Add surprise elements like, in the middle, while you are sharing a past fantasy of your son, who wants to ride a Ferrari car, you can provide him the keys today! That will be a double bumper reward for him. He gets a wife and a car, both which he wanted so much.